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I am going to be doing one-shots. It can be anything! It may take a while since I might have to do research on whatever but I really hope you enjoy it when you get it!


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BestSpudsGaming Icon (Draft) by chick17
BestSpudsGaming Icon (Draft)
This is the icon that my cousin and I will be using for our YouTube channel we will be starting. I just dont have anyway of making it digitally. Anyone want to help with that, just message me :3
This is a late Valentine's Day fic but who cares! I hope you guys like it!


 There he stood with his cute and dorky smile that I adore. He was holding a rose and a stuffed white bear that says 'Be Mine' on the red heart it is holding. Today is the day of love and you are glad to be spending it with Josh Ramsay, your boyfriend of a few years. Originally you and him didn't really get along and were total and complete opposites, but over time we have grown fond of each other.

  "Happy Valentines Day, (Y/N)." He says with a huge grin that makes you smile. You take the rose and stuffed bear. "Thank you, Josh." You smile and kiss him gently. You know that the stuffed bear and rose is not all he has planned on this special day. You tried asking him many times what he has planned but he wanted it to be a surprise. It annoys you, but you love him all the same.

   After a while of talking and watching a movie, he takes you to a nice dinner at a nice Italian place. It wasn't too fancy or too plain. It was decorated with beautiful pictures and had a few things around to celebrate this day of love. You and your love talk about everything and after dinner, he takes you on a walk through the park, holding your hand. It was very nice. He is usually busy practicing and on tours, but having him to yourself when he wasn't doing those things was always a treasure.

  He stops and you look to him, wondering why he stopped. He looks to you and smiles softly. "I love you, (Y/N) and we have been together for a while. I remember when I first met you and we didn't get along, but over the years we grew fond of each other and now, here we are." He gets down on one knee. You gasp, not believing what you see. "And I would like to continue spending all my life with you. Will you marry me?" Tears of joy fill your eyes as you hug him, mumbling yes a thousand times.

Valentine's Day (Josh Ramsay)
This was a request I got from someone on Wattpad and I decided to post it on here. I hope you all enjoy.
(Y/N) = Your Name
(B/N) = Boyfriend's name
(f/c) = favorite color


(Y/N) yelled at her boyfriend, (B/N) for what seemed like the millionth time this year. It was another infamous argument you and him had on a daily basis. It always ends the same with him soon realizing he was wrong and you forgiving him, but not this time. The argument turned to physical; He slapped you.

  You were shocked. He realized what he did, but you didn't want to hear the apologies as you rushed to the room you both shared, packing a bag of things that were yours. Soon after you were rushing out of your home.

  Rushing down the empty streets wearing your (f/c) coat with some sort of t-shirt and jeans combo, you already knew who you wanted to see; Your best friend, Tony Stark. You both have known each other since the incident with Loki, which was almost a year ago. You both instantly got along; Even though both of you were opposites.

  Tony was the outgoing and charming superhero while you were the shy and quiet agent of SHIELD. As they say, opposites attract. You arrived and knocked on his door. It was late at night and you hoped he was still awake since he is always a night owl.

  After a few minutes, he answered. "(Y/N)? Why are you here?" He asked, a bit surprised to see you at his doorstep at this time at night. "I...had an a-argument with my b-boyfriend." You stuttered out before tears formed in your eyes. Tony panicked slightly and rushed you into his home. You told Tony everything and he listened.

  After telling him, he was quiet for a bit before you were pulled into a hug. "He doesn't deserve you, (Y/N)." He says softly. "You can stay here. Besides, I need someone to laugh at my jokes." He smirks and you chuckle, wiping your tears. You kiss his cheek, making a very faint blush appear on his cheeks. "Thank you, Tony." "You're welcome, (Y/N)."
Hi everyone! :D

I know its been a while but I need help. You see...someone asked me to write a fanfic to an anime I have never seen and/or heard of and its called DRAMAtical Murder. 
The fanfic is a Kojacku x Mizuki fic and it doesnt matter if its fluff or not but I need help with how the characters act and stuff...So if you are able to help me, Thanks!


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Hey! Im Krystle and I write fanfictions ~ I love to sing and dance and other things too but I am too lazy right now to actually write all of it out! I hope you guys enjoy the stories I write ~ Thanks :3

My dA Family:
Mother: :iconambrosedraco:
Sister: :iconmorganthome:

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